I Worry When I Travel

I love to travel but there are so many moving parts and elements that I cannot control. I worry about forgetting something. This is magnified a thousand-fold when traveling, because if I forgot something I can’t just go back for it later or get it in a few hours. I start to catastrophize—like what will I do if I forget my medication? Or what if I forgot to turn off the oven and my place burns down while I’m gone?

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India Part II: Struggling with Getting Sick

Why India is a question I have a lot of trouble answering.

I grew up alongside Indian Americans in Texas. I watched my fair share of Bollywood movies, spelled the cooking smells (although my best friend’s mom was worried that I wouldn’t like Indian food and often got us take out when I stayed over, to my great dismay and no matter how often I protested that I would be happy to eat whatever she cooked), and learned about Hindu gods and goddesses from asking about my friends’ families’ devotional posters. Continue reading “India Part II: Struggling with Getting Sick”