Why I Love How Supernatural Depicts Anxiety

Yesterday, I asked my husband to watch an episode of the CW TV show Supernatural: season 4: episode 6. I had a reason for it besides just wanting to rewatch the show (especially now that the influx of new shows and movies online has slowed to a trickle). In the episode, a ghost infects Dean with a sickness that makes him get worried, then get anxious, then get terrified and die. Despite the supernatural aspects of the show and the fact that Dean is cured at the end when the brothers vanquish the ghost, the show does a really good job of showing how anxiety can feel and how it feels for others around you. Continue reading “Why I Love How Supernatural Depicts Anxiety”

Anxiety Doesn’t Always Have a Trigger

Anxiety doesn’t always have a trigger. Sometimes it’s clear to me why I feel anxious: I am waiting on test results or about to meet with a new client. Sometimes, I find that my anxiety is triggered by alcohol or caffeine. I can often pinpoint something that’s making me anxious. I can say to myself: if I resolve this issue or once I get this information or if I avoid caffeine, I’ll be fine and relaxed.

Anxiety Doesn’t Always Have a Trigger Continue reading “Anxiety Doesn’t Always Have a Trigger”

I Worry When I Travel

I love to travel but there are so many moving parts and elements that I cannot control. I worry about forgetting something. This is magnified a thousand-fold when traveling, because if I forgot something I can’t just go back for it later or get it in a few hours. I start to catastrophize—like what will I do if I forget my medication? Or what if I forgot to turn off the oven and my place burns down while I’m gone?

i worry when i travel Continue reading “I Worry When I Travel”