My First Experience Experimenting with Acupuncture

In my quest for wellness and relief from chronic pain, I’ve decided to try acupuncture. I’m in a transition period from graduate school to working and decided to use some of my time to give it a real try. I’ve been really good in the past about letting fatigue and a lack of time stop me from trying this. I’m a believer in different medical systems and what they can offer, so I’m kind of disappointed that I haven’t tried it before.

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The Disabled Label

In applying to jobs today, I was filling in the information and clicking through the pages until I came upon a page asking if I had a verifiable disability because they worked with the government and as such they were required to try to employ more people with disabilities. They gave about fifteen examples—mainly physical—of conditions that are recognized as a bona fide disability.

One of the examples was OCD.

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